We may just be a few kilometers from the starting line yet we commit to DELIVER solutions to your ICT needs. CW's partnership with the industry leaders enhances technological and business knowledge to provide YOU with a dedicated team of subject-matter specialists and up-to-date facilities, assuring projects are done based on each unique requirement.

The following is our network of partner companies:

  • provides enterprise class server hardware and storage solutions

  • for small-to-medium server hardware, storage,workstation and other ICT peripherals

  • also provides for our workstation, notebook computers and other ICT peripherals

  • does our networking and connectivity solutions

  • is our dedicated partner for security and end-point protection solutions

  • provides for data and storage management solutions

We believe in the challenge of each project, that's why we are very open to venturing into new partnerships so we can provide our clients with more reliable and successful solutions. If you are also looking towards the same direction as ours, why don't we start a relationship here?